Dual Shear Beam Load Cell/Cup Ball Type Load Cell



Rated Capacities 30 T,40 T
Rated output 3.0 mV/V ±0.25%
Total Error* 0.050±% of Applied Load
Zero Return after 30 mins 0.050±% of Applied Load
Temperature Effect

: On Output

0.004±% of Applied Load/*C
                  : On Zero 0.007±% of Rated output/*C
Zero Balance 3.0± of Rated Output
Temperature range

: Operating

-30Deg. C  to + 80 Deg. C
                  : Compensated -10 Deg. C  to + 40 Deg. C
Safe Overload 150% of rated capacity
Ultimate Overload 300% of Rated Capacity
Excitation : Recommended 10 Volts AC or DC
               : Maximum 15 Volts AC or DC
Input impedance 750±10 Ohms
Output Impedance 705±5 Ohms
Insulation Impedance >1000 Mega Ohms
Deflection at Rated Capacity <0.4 mm
Weight : 17  kg
Construction : Electroless Nickel Plated Alloy steel
Environmental Protection IP68,67
Cable 4 Core, 14 Strand stainless steel braided cable




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