Checkweigher Combination System

In-line Weighing and Metal Detection – In One Process

While the checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely, rejecting “out of tolerance” products, the metal detector reliably detects and rejects products contaminated by metal. Common contaminants detected range from nuts and bolts, right down to small metal filings, staples, needles or pieces of wire. The rejection of “bad” products is ensured by two rejecting devices – a system which allows separate rejection of metal-contaminated and off-weight products.

The modular concept has been designed to allow the inclusion of a very large range of options and accessories and readily enable customisation for your specific application requirements.

The XE3 CC checkweigher has a particularly compact design and small footprint. This makes it perfect for applications where factory floor space is at a premium and allows simple integration into your existing production line.



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